What we offer

Android and IOS Mobile App Development Services

Because of the recent explosion in Mobile usage, a good mobile experience for your website or app is key for your brand and trust with your users. We learned from experience that mobile programming requires a very different approach that involves three factors -

  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • Ease of Navigation

The simple experience wanted within mobile apps requires that we provide a wide range of technology expertise to deliver well. Our experience includes Android SDK, PhoneGap Technology, Sencha plugin development and many others

How our Process Works:

Step #1
Introduction & RFP
We want to learn about your project, we can schedule a meeting, a call (or Skype) to discuss your requirements, afterwards you can send your Request For Proposal (if available) to receive an official quote.
Step #2
Project Proposal
Once you have communicated your requirements, a Proposal will be provided.
Step #4
Development Begins
Once You Approve The Proposal, the project moves to Development. This is a very iterative & collaborative process and we want to involve you in every step.
Step #3
User Acceptance
Your 110% Satisfaction is what we are shooting for. In this phase, after we've tested everything. We demo what should be an almost finished product.
Step #5
Production Deployment
We help you launch the project and we support it 100%. We only look for Long Term relationship with our customers.